The Next Step in the Journey…

Boys on a Walk copyIn 1994, I bought my first Mac: a PoweBook 270 duo dock system.   I should clarify: my father graciously purchased it for me as I was broke and in the middle of student teaching.  I remember feeling nearly invincible while typing away on the keyboard: creating amazing worksheets with embedded images, organizing quizzes and tests, and producing easily searchable lesson plan archives.  I spent hours experimenting and learning  all the features of the system and discovering what I could do with that powerful tool to make me a better teacher.  In the company field within the Mac’s settings I typed: “Quin’s Educational Enterprises,” partly as an homage to my Dad (who had selected the middle name “Quin” for me) and partly because I rarely used it anywhere else. The computer and the name made me feel official, professional, entrepreneurial and lucky.  The journey began…

Now some 20 years later I have decided to recapture some of that same spirit, only this time it will not be nifty worksheets or organized lesson plans emerging from “Quin’s Educational Enterprises.”  Instead, I have been inspired by some incredible educational leaders like Joe Mazza, Tom Murray, Pam Moran, Ross Cooper, Randy Ziegenfuss, Tony Sinanis and the authors of Corwin’s recently released Connected Educators series to build and expand my PLN through a blog.  For several years I have watched these educational leaders help to transform education into a dynamic, connected, and relevant practice that engages educators and students around the globe.  The journey continues…

So welcome to Quin’sEssentials.  Here I will share my thoughts about learning, leading and being a dad in a digital world.  So much has changed since 1994, but one thing has remained a constant for me:  the desire to learn, share, collaborate and be entrepreneurial.   I hope to share resources,  offer inspiration, and most importantly, engage with those who are learning what it means to live in a connected world.  These are my essentials as I take the next step in the journey…

One thought on “The Next Step in the Journey…

  1. Mike Roth is a brillant and dedicated educator who has never lost his higher innocence and dedication to his fellow human beings. It is my honor to say he is not only my friend and my Penn GSE roomie, but a role model. He is one of my essentials.


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